Cheap & Healthy Breakfast Idea

I used to be the type of girl who would just skip breakfast everyday. I know, I know. Shame on me. But, I just wasn’t hungry when I woke up so I would just wait until lunch. However, now that I’m older I’m realizing that saying, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” may actually be true. Ok, it is true. So, I’ve been forcing myself to start eating breakfast these past several months. Who would’ve thought, I feel better and I actually wake up hungry now. [insert pat on back here]

All that being said– I don’t have much money, nor time in the mornings (I like my sleep) to make breakfast for myself. The only way I will eat breakfast is by having it ready to go in the morning which means — meal planning. The two words that make you feel like you may actually be “adulting” right.

I have a few go-to breakfast meal ideas, but for this post I’ll be sharing my current favorite…



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It is seriously the easiest, cheapest, healthiest breakfast I make for myself. It is also so versatile. You can literally put whatever you like into it.

The Basic Recipe: 

Any small container will work – I prefer glass tupperware or jars.

1/2 Cup Rolled Oats (not the instant kind)

1/2 Cup Milk of Your Choice (almond milk is my favorite)


Add in any fruits, nuts, chocolate, cinnamon, etc you like into it and give it a shake and place in fridge before bed so it’ll be ready to go in the morning.

You can eat this cold or warm it up in a microwave for a minute or so.

Easy, right? 

You can also prepare these for the entire work week. Five days maximum in fridge is my suggestion. However, I typically just make a couple days in advance. They’re so quick that I don’t mind making them the night before if I have to.

A couple of my favorites: 

  • Banana & Peanut Butter
  • Strawberry & Banana
  • Blueberries & Banana


As for the price–

I purchased my oats, frozen blueberries, and frozen strawberries from Dollar Tree. Yes, Dollar Tree. ($3)

Peanut butter, I typically always have on hand. But, it all tastes the same to me so I always just get the cheapest, generic brand at whatever store I am shopping at the time.

Almond milk is what costs the most and it was still under $3 at my local grocery store.

This all lasts me more than a week. But, roughly I managed to only spend about $6 to give me breakfast for an entire week. Now that’s cheap! With a little math it equals about 85 cents a day for breakfast.

If you have a Pinterest account, feel free to type in “Overnight Oats” to see all the different varieties other people have come up with. People are pretty creative with it.


If you already make Overnight Oats, what is your favorite things to top it with?