15 Gift Ideas for Minimalists

As someone who is striving to live a more meaningful, more minimalist lifestyle, gift giving/receiving is always something that can cause some confusion, especially around the holidays. Many minimalists will tell friends/family specific items they may want/need and others may say they don’t want any material gifts. So– what do you get a minimalist? If you’re still wanting to show your affection by gifting a minimalist, here is a list of some gift ideas.

  1. Tickets (Concert, Movie, Show, Zoo, Sports, etc.)
  2. Massage
  3. Dinner (Homemade or Restaurant)
  4. Wine/Beer Tasting
  5. “Coupon” to Babysit, Clean their House, Dog Sit, etc.
  6. Day Trip to Beach or a Nearby City
  7. Bake them Something (Pie, Cookies, Treats)
  8. Consumables (Wine, Beer, Liquor, Food)
  9. Bowling
  10. Gift Cards (Gas Station, Restaurants, Stores)
  11. Year Subscription (Magazines, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Gym)
  12. Camping
  13. Golfing (Putt Putt)
  14. Manicure
  15. Hair Appointment

If you can think of any more ideas, please leave them in the comments below. It’s always nice to give gifts to those you care about. These are just some ideas for those that may have too much clutter already (in your opinion) or those who are trying to reduce the amount of material items they already have. I hope this list gives you some ideas!